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鶹ֱ Profile of A Graduate: Thinker, Innovative, Courageous, Compassionate, Balanced, Principled, and Culturally Responsive.

Profile of an 鶹ֱ Graduate


After months of collaboration, discussion, revision and work, we are excited to share with our community the Profile of an 鶹ֱ Graduate. This profile outlines the characteristics we are working toward for students and teachers at every grade level. Having a shared goal and vision for what we wish to see our students become, allows for effective and aligned teaching, learning, opportunities and experiences.

Each Grade 8–12 student will reflect annually on their journey toward this profile, which will be included in their end-of-year report cards. Their individual progress will be the key benchmarks and successes that they reflect upon, in lieu of honour roll, from this year forward. While celebrating academic success will still be an important component, it is a broader identification of student success rather than limiting achievements solely to academics. We are proud of our Graduates and the incredible people they are, and we are excited about sharing this profile with our community. 


An 鶹ֱ student is a thinker: they can think critically, collaboratively and creatively. They seek the deeper meaning of issues that arise and connect ideas to understand and be solutions-oriented to complex problems that emerge in a constantly changing world.


An 鶹ֱ student is innovative: they embrace uncertainty and complexity. They are intellectual explorers who are action-oriented and reflect continuously. They display mental resilience by being agile in response to change and adapting positively to adversity.


An 鶹ֱ student is courageous: they are open-minded, curious, and willing to take intellectual risks and accept challenges. They push beyond their comfort zones and know that, through challenges, comes growth, courage, and resilience.


An 鶹ֱ student is compassionate: they intentionally show grace, patience, respect, and empathy in their interactions with others. Through listening, accountability and service they are driven to improve their school, local and global communities as caring members.


An 鶹ֱ student is balanced: they understand the importance of academic, physical, mental and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being for themselves and for others. They have varied interests that offer a strong foundation in supporting their future goals and endeavours.


An 鶹ֱ student is principled: they act with integrity, honesty, and forethought. They have a strong sense of justice and a moral compass that guides their independent decision-making. 

Culturally Responsive

An 鶹ֱ student is culturally responsive: they validate and celebrate a diversity of cultures, languages, and life experiences. They are open-minded and understand multiple perspectives exist and as a result, are willing to grow, learn and relearn. They actively ensure all cultures and voices are uplifted.