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鶹ֱ Affiliations

In order to build best practices industry-wide, and find support from peers within the industry, 鶹ֱ is a member of a number of associations and groups that significantly impact both students and staff for the better. Working with local and regional associations and organisations encourages constant improvement and learning as educational professionals.

Membership in the Independent School Association of BC (ISABC) Allows for opportunities for both students and teachers to connect with BC’s education industry. students are able to take part in leadership conferences, competitions, sporting events, Model UN, and many other opportunities that connect a wide number of independent school students to one another in a learning and friendly competition environment.

School staff are able to take part in working and learning groups with other educational leaders from across the province. Through the ISABC network and professional development opportunities, staff improve their practices and work with thought leaders in education. they learn to challenge one another and support one another in their work.

CAIS Candidate School Logo

Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) is a national organization that supports the constant growth and improvement of the education industry in Canada. As an approved CAIS Candidate School, 鶹ֱ is currently undergoing the process of becoming a nationally accredited independent school by undergoing the application and review process. The accreditation process is a thorough and significant look at all aspects of 鶹ֱ, from educational practices to the organizational model. The three-year process will culminate in a visit from a peer-review team from other independent schools from across the country that will take place in January 2025. Undergoing the accreditation process improves all practices of the school and ultimately benefits 鶹ֱ students, staff and the wider community.


The Federation of Independent Schools Association of BC (FISA BC) is an umbrella organisation for independent school associations in British Columbia, and is directly affiliated with ISABC. Independent schools are understood to be those schools not owned and operated by the province, and which are regulated by the Independent School Act.

The Federation is the voice for its members in British Columbia and acts as a liaison between the schools and the government, as well as other educational institutions. FISA BC is dedicated to assisting independent schools in maintaining their independence while seeking fair treatment for them in legislative and financial matters.