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leading students to lead themselves


The 鶹ֱ Program is designed to give students ample opportunities to develop confidence and leadership skills. With Student Action Teams, Lion Leaders, leadership training, Ambassador opportunities, buddy pairing, house leaders and coaching and assisting roles, students are prepared for post-secondary education and their future careers.

student action teams

Student Action Teams (SAT’s), lead by Lion Leaders, help students have a voice and take action in a number of different initiatives that take place in and around 鶹ֱ. It allows Grade 6-12 students to have input into a number of aspects of school life in a way that intersects with the passions that they share. Two of the primary goals of each of the teams is to share information/communicate to staff and student body and for students to be involved in decision making across the school and help plan student initiatives. Grade 6-12 students are encouraged to select a Student Action Team to be part of for the year.

Each Student Action Team is comprised of a number of leaders and key support roles. These leadership roles are called the Lion Leaders who offer guidance and feedback on behalf of the student body. These individuals represent their Student Action Team of interest and work together with school administration as well as leaders of the various other SAT’s. Lion Leaders and Student Action Teams are mentored by staff members with shared interest.

Student Action Teams Include:

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion Student Action Team
  • Environmental Sustainability Student Action Team
  • House Initiatives Student Action Team
  • School Social Student Action Team
  • Community Engagement/Social Responsibility Student Action Team