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you've never experienced school spirit like this


Our people are proud members of a community of parents, teachers and students who motivate one another toward excellence. Over and above their achievements, 鶹ֱ students and faculty don’t just like their school – they love it. We are committed to offering innovative education and every member of our community plays a special part in our continuing story.

鶹ֱ Lions

The 鶹ֱ Lion: Guardian of the Fraser

School spirit at 鶹ֱ is about more than cheering on our teams. Our school spirit is the pride that defines us and brings us together in so many fantastic ways.

Our students have a lot of heart. They bring a lot of heat.

And so, it makes sense that our mascot would extend this sense of pride, and encompass values like commitment, community, hard work, teamwork and courage. The 鶹ֱ Lion is the Guardian of the Fraser, defending the majestic working river that spans many of the communities whose families make up 鶹ֱ.

We are the UA Lions: HEAR US ROAR!

school houses

Representing aspects of New Westminster’s history, the 鶹ֱ house system is made up of four houses: the Anvils, the Sappers, the Hyacks and the Royals. Each house is co-ed and includes all members of the student body as well as faculty. Students from the same families belong to the same houses to keep house pride alive at school and at home. Each house is led by Senior House Captains with guidance from their two teacher house mentors, earning points throughout the year for effort, bravery, spirit and achievement.

Friendly competition between houses fuels students’ passion and ignites their sense of pride. Students develop a sense of team and an understanding of community, while being afforded invaluable opportunities for friendship, team building and commitment. At the end of each school year, the team with the most points is commemorated on the coveted Urban Plaque.

The following house descriptors and cheers were written by the houses themselves under the leadership of 鶹ֱ Senior Student House Leaders.

Logo of the Hyacks house team

The Hyacks

Everyone in the Hyack house will empower their fellow students to become strong, confident individuals, to do a great job in whatever they are doing. Hyacks are always ready to step up and pitch in where help is needed, building a stronger school and a stronger community.

Ready aye Ready!
Stand up and cheer
Ready aye Ready!
The Hyacks are here!
Leading as one!
get the job done!
We are here to have some fun
Ready aye Ready!
Let’s have some fun!
Out of the fire
blue will inspire
Our sea of blue will inspire you
Show the fire, show the fight
We come to show
What is right
Ready aye Ready the Hyacks are here!

Logo of the Sappers house team

The Sappers

Those sorted into Sapper House are born leaders. They are hands-on, focused and solution-oriented. Sappers demonstrate ability and leadership by recognizing everyone’s diverse strengths, working together as a community to achieve common goals and empowering others to make good decisions.

Give me a hammer, give me a wrench
Inspiring each other to empower the rest
We are Sappers, we are proud
Sing our cheer and sing it loud

Logo of the Royals house team

The Royals

Being a Royal means being a cut above – students in this house lead by example and uphold the ideas of 鶹ֱ education. Royals empower one another to become leaders by listening, helping each other and working together to make a difference.

We are Royal
Strong, brave, and Loyal
Here to unite
And demonstrate what’s right.
Lead with Grace
And keep each other safe
Empower to create
Inspire to be great!
We are the Royals!

Logo of the Anvils house team

The Anvils

All Anvils work together to achieve a common goal – strength and power in diversity. They are highly motivated and inspire one another to exude courage and confidence in all that they do, promoting creative problem solving and diverse perspectives to any challenge faced.

We will, We will,
Rock you down,
Shake you up!
Like a volcano,
About to erupt!
We are Anvils,
Here to say!
We are gonna lead the day!
Go Anvils!

Student Awards

鶹ֱ is proud to present Upper Middle and Senior School Students awards for outstanding achievement. Awards include the recognition of students who excel in academics, leadership, athletics, the arts and spirit. Please click on ‘UA Student Awards’ for further details on how we identify and celebrate student excellence.