Admissions Dates
Our Grads Leading The Way

鶹ֱ Alumni

鶹ֱ graduates reach great heights. To date, each of our grads has followed their dreams and passions, going on to attend a wide variety of schools and programs. We are proud that our graduates receive a placement in one of the top two schools of their choice. These include business, engineering, science and arts at fine institutions including Simon Fraser University, the University of Victoria, Langara, McGill, University of Toronto, Cornell University, Capilano University, University of British Columbia and other international universities and programs. 88% of UA graduates go directly to University, while 9% choose a college program and approximately 3 % elect to take time off before pursuing their studies further.


University of Victoria
Capilano University
Emily Carr University of Art + Design
Douglas College
Thompson Rivers University
NSCAD University
Alberta University of the Arts
University of Alberta
University of Calgary
University of Manitoba
University of Toronto
Cornell University

Supporting Dreams

Grade 8-12 students are exposed to art techniques including video equipment, photography, 3D printers, Vinyl Cutters, Photoshop and graphic design and they use art, drama and music for integrated learning. Theatre Company, Band, Wind Ensemble, and Show Choirs offer opportunities for performance. Students will also regularly use the arts to display learning, including creating songs connected to in-class learning, exploring social studies and language arts through era-appropriate arts and performing aspects of their in-class learning to showcase their understanding of the curriculum. Examples: American Revolution skits, Plains of Abraham graphic novels, Canada in the 1920s multimedia videos.

A Variety Of Interests

Our graduates have a wide variety of interests, and we pride ourselves on what well-rounded citizens they become. As a result, UA Alumni pursue a range of programs in their post-secondary studies. Approximately a quarter will choose a program in General Arts, a quarter choose Sciences, a quarter select Fine and Performing Arts, and the last quarter will be balanced between Business, Economics Technology and Engineering.

With a range of leadership opportunities, they have a significant amount of leadership experience both within the school and the wider community and continue to be contributors as 鶹ֱ Alumni.