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The 鶹ֱ learning experience is an engaging, integrated, finely tuned set of programs, curriculum and co-curricular opportunities. Students discover themselves and the world with a focus on connections and creativity that leads to the highest possible academic performance.

Academic Excellence

High Academic Standards

Inspiring academic excellence starts by keeping students engaged in their learning experience. Our talented teachers dedicate themselves to discovering the interests and passions of each student, their strengths, weaknesses and learning how they learn in order to achieve success. As a result, involved and inspired students find excitement in the subject matter and grow their desire to learn. We don’t just ask our students to reach their potential. We make it happen.

Creative Learning

Kickstarting Creative Ideas

鶹ֱ focuses on creative perspectives in learning, enabling students to develop their own processes and express themselves and their understandings through the arts and technology. Creativity transcends traditional art classes and students are encouraged to come up with creative solutions across all disciplines ranging from science and math to language arts.

Innovative Learning

Innovating What Learning Looks Like

Innovation means more than using technology to learn. It’s about innovating the way learning happens, and bringing the latest breakthroughs into every aspect of the educational experience. Students become prepared for a world of constant change with strong foundational skills and the ability to make decisions by drawing on a vast array of experiences.

Experiential Education

Students paddling in a canoe

Learning By Doing

At 鶹ֱ, learning can happen inside and outside the classroom walls at each grade level. We fully believe that meaningful learning happens through integration, so it’s no surprise that our outdoor education and field study program is extensive. By learning about environmental habitats and going on hikes to explore them, or by documenting the life cycle by observing chicken eggs hatch in incubators in the classroom, or spending the day at Geneschool at a local university, brings learning to life and is what truly allows students to retain classroom lessons.

Integrated Approach

Subjects Are Stronger Together

Inquiry-based learning is based upon involvement that leads to understanding. Following their interests in the lessons allows students to develop their skills while absorbing new knowledge. Building upon inquiry units, teachers collaborate to ensure that core subjects are brought to life: social studies with music, science with art, language arts with drama. By linking subject matter together and following their passions, students learn to draw on a wide variety of skills to present information, deepen their understanding, and solve problems. 鶹ֱ prepares students for real life as well as the evolved and dynamic careers of the future.