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鶹ֱ focuses on creative perspectives in learning, enabling students to develop their own processes and express themselves and their understandings through the arts and technology. Creativity transcends traditional art classes, and students are encouraged to come up with creative solutions across all disciplines.

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Every UA student explores creativity in their education, learning subjects through a process that deepens their understanding and encourages new ideas.

creative education

Students learn language arts, science, mathematics, social studies and other subjects in a process that deepens their understanding, while encouraging their creativity. Their presentation skills often integrate the arts to effectively share what they have learned, promote self-confidence, and allow for more complex thinking.

By using the arts to motivate students, 鶹ֱ is able to harness the power of creativity, and guide students to explore learning in new ways. Students often express themselves and their learning across multiple media from graphic design and music to performances and creative presentations, often emulating the presentation needs of careers today.


JK students use clay, paint, sketching tools, building materials and other media to create, discover, and explore. Their projects have included creating self portraits, free play, dress up, a home corner, and games centred around social and emotional learning opportunities. Drama and music lessons also introduce students to other diverse forms of learning.

Junior School | Kindergarten to Grade 3

Students use art, drama and music to bring core academics to life. First Peoples ways of knowing are incorporated into the arts to be able to learn more about culture and diversity. They are also taught about great contemporary Canadian artists such as Ted Harrison and Emily Carr to learn techniques and Canadian art history. Students are able to connect their learning from one subject to another by learning about the work of Wassily Kandinsky and the Kandinsky circles. This helps bring to life the concepts of geometric shapes that they learn about in math.

Middle School | Grades 4 To 7

Now that they have a foundation of creative skills and understanding, students are introduced to more complex art techniques such as printmaking and mosaics. They explore various art forms and how they emerged from different cultures. Teachers connect core academics to the arts by linking subjects such as music to math or drama with French. We focus on teaching literacy in every sense, and musical literacy (through recorders, ukuleles, xylophones, and other percussion instruments) as well as acting skills are no exception. Students learn drama and music in their regular school week and can join musical theatre club and other creative clubs as extra curricular activities. They also have the opportunity to join band as well as Junior Choir in Grade 6.

Students are introduced to more complex creative disciplines including photography and graphic design, where they get hands-on experience with industry technologies such as Photoshop. They use art, drama and music to bring core academics to life. Students use the arts to display their learning in a tangible way. By using tools such as Pythagorean Triangles in drawing projects, or creating to-scale models of historical events in Social Studies, they are able to see how to practically apply the skills they are acquiring in the classroom. 

Senior School | Grades 8 to 12

Grade 8-12 students are exposed to a variety of art techniques. Photoshop, photography, graphic design, web design, art, drama and music are integrated into their learning. They use the arts to show an understanding of their learning, such as Social Studies lessons reflected in era-appropriate projects through journals, media arts, vignettes and other creative projects that bring their studies to life. Drama Club and Theatre Class offer opportunities for performance which builds confidence and encourages risk taking. In music class, students can participate in vocals and concert band.