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Getting involved with 鶹ֱ further connects you to daily life at the school and the learning experiences of your children. We encourage parents to get involved and explore their own passions within our school community. Parents are asked to volunteer 15 hours per year in areas of their choosing. Our Parent Volunteer Coordinator is the key point of contact for our families to help get parents connected to the appropriate committee or group given their own interests and passions.

parent participation programs

Parent Volunteer Coordinator

The 鶹ֱ Parent Volunteer Coordinator manages the volunteer needs of the school by connecting parents to relevant roles. The coordinator regularly posts roles on the school’s volunteer App. Also, if families have ideas and interests with regard to volunteerism they can contact the Parent Volunteer Coordinator directly.

Parent Auxiliary (PAX)

The PAX committee plays a key role in the fundraising for the 鶹ֱ community. This committee plans and runs social events, sells school swag, plans multiple hot lunch programs and other creative and fun community events. Their goal is to raise money to enhance school programs, as well as to help the community get to know one another.

Gala Committee

鶹ֱ hosts an annual gala which is a wonderful celebration for the community. This committee is responsible for the planning of the event as well as all of the details in the lead-up and the day of. There are also significant volunteer opportunities on the night of the school’s largest fundraising event.