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Academic Excellence

Our academic standards are extremely high and our students represent a hybrid breed of learners and thinkers – taking on new problems and looking for better, more innovative solutions. By providing regular assessments, and understanding each student’s learning style, teachers are able to support and challenge students accordingly, resulting in high academic achievement. We don’t just ask our students to reach their potential, we help make it happen.

Intrinsic Motivation

鶹ֱ students share a desire to succeed in their studies. They are dedicated to their work and share that work ethic and determination with their peers. We are very proud of our students and their commitment to their education.

Gr. 9-12's Work With A University Counsellor


Individualized attention and regular communication with parents with regard to a student’s progress ensures that 鶹ֱ students are reaching their potential. With our teaching style, students are excited about the subject matter and make personal connections to the curriculum. We are proud to report that with our educational approach, 鶹ֱ is a top ranked school in the region, showcasing that 鶹ֱ students are achieving academic success.


In many subjects, self assessments and rubrics (a set of criteria and standards linked to learning objectives) are used to assess students’ progress in writing, math, reading, etc. By clearly defining and setting out parameters that students can work toward, they are able to develop their skills and recognize their own growth opportunities. Staff constantly evaluate these processes to push students to achieve their potential.


Students and teachers regularly connect to determine a child’s progress. Regular assessments in math and literacy indicate learning progress, along with competitions that reveal aptitude in math and the Foundations Skills Assessment that assesses reading, writing and mathematics. By regularly gathering this kind of feedback, UA teaching staff are positioned to determine how students are doing and how to best support them for their ultimate academic success.


Using a variety of tools, we perform regular reading, writing and math assessments, structured so that our teachers are able to ascertain a student’s ability. Instruction is planned accordingly to encourage students further in their areas of success and to fill in gaps with support where students are not yet fully meeting expectations.


BC Ministry of Education Provincial Assessments are another form of external assessments that indicate how our students are thriving in their academics. In BC, students must write provincial assessments in order to graduate. Our Senior School students perform very well on their assessments and we are always proud of their individual and aggregated achievements. We believe that their accomplishments are a reflection of how committed they are to their academics.


Our graduates have a 100% university acceptance rate to one of the top two post-secondary institutions of their choice. They have pursued a wide variety of educational opportunities, ranging from professional theatre students to business, medical, engineering, social sciences and science professionals. We are so proud of the young leaders that emerge from our program and the community leaders they all become.